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Project Description
A Vista Media Center plugin for browsing movies in a My Movies database, movie trailers, and tv series. Includes a downloader for downloading high def movies from quicktime. Resumes playback where left off.

New Name, New Location

My Movies Browser is now My Video Viewer. This is because I changed it to be able to use more than just My Movies, and so I figured a name change was in order. Hopefully it is easier to set up and more feature rich. Thanks to all those that have downloaded and used My Movies Browser, and I hope that My Video Viewer will be an improvement.

My Movies Browser is a Vista Media Center plugin with three purposes:
  1. My Movies interface.
  2. Apple trailers interface.
  3. TV Series interface.

Some of the features it has: Resumes playback of movies/trailers/TV episodes, Downloads high quality apple trailers to the hard drive (capable of 480, 720, or 1080). Filter and sort movie, trailers, and TV episodes.

This is my first media center plugin (actually a re-write of my first and only). It is a pretty basic. So if you are a power user and want everything in media center, this isn't for you.

I wrote the plugin for my own use, but decided to share it in case others found it useful. My first version parsed the file system for the movie and trailer xmls. However I changed it to use sql server express. I create a new database on the My Movies instance that is installed by the My Movies server application. So My Movies is required. This is where the trailer and TV info is stored (though the downloader still copies the xml to the trailer folder) and the playback postion is stored. I plan on adding things here and there, but can't guarantee anything. Feel free to make requests, but I won't make any promises. Also, the source code is available.


Change Log

v 0.21
  • Added abiblity to play DVDs stored on the hard drive.
  • Edit the watched status on movies and trailers.
  • Play trailers based on the movie being played before the movie is played. To use, select the checkbox on the movie details page and then select how many trailers you want to watch before the movie. (Kind of buggy. MCE throws an error when adding mov files to it's own queue, so I have to create my own. Sometimes doesn't work the first time, it will just play the first trailer and then end. Just try playing the movie again and hopefully it will work.) This uses the genre of the movie to select the trailers to show, However, the genres on My Movies and the Apple trailers don't match exactly, so some trailers might not be seen using only this feature.
  • Fixed bug in downloader.

v 0.3
  • Updated how the settings are saved and the configuration utility.
  • Added background images to movies and TV series.
  • Now storing the TV series in the database, should load faster and allow for filtering.
  • Added an application to help manage TV series and retrieve fanart for the background images.

v 0.31
  • Better resume playback and the playing of trailers before a movie.

Main Menu


My Movies Interface

An MCML interface. Gets it's data from the My Movies database.



Resume playback for movies, trailers, and TV episodes.


Movie Trailers



TV Series




Movie Trailer Downloader


Configuration Utility


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