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  • The first thing to do is to make sure My Movies is installed and working. If using multiple computers, make sure it works on all computers where the data is going to be shared (make sure firewalls and network access is set up correctly). My Movies Browser is know to work with version 2.48 and 2.49.
  • Make sure .Net 3.5 is installed.
  • Run the My Movies Browser installer.
  • Run the configuration tool after installation. This should be in a My Movies Browser folder on the start menu. Select the server name of the My Movies server. A new database will be created on the MyMovies sql express instance. The download folder only needs to be set if the computer being set up will be downloading movie trailers, same with the checkboxes for the ratings and type of trailers to download. If the trailers are to be accessed from other computers then the path should be a UNC shared location (ex. \\myserver\MovieTrailers). This is the path that will be saved in the database when the trailers are downloaded. Select the folders to load TV series from. This should be in the form TVSeriesFolder->SeasonFolder, where TVSeriesFolder is the base folder with each TV series in it's own folder, then the SeasonFolder where each season is in it's own folder, and then all the episodes for a season is in the same season folder. I use TVScout to retrieve the metadata for searies and episodes.
  • Run Media Center. MyMoviesBrowser is in the TV/Movies menu strip.
  • Run the trailer downloader, also under the start menu. This will download the movie trailers from Apple/Quicktime. The size the trailers will take up can be fairly large: if all trailers are downloaded in HD (720) it will be between 8-10 gigs. You can choose the quality of the trailer to download. If Download HD is checked and so is 1080, then it will try to download the 1080 version, then the 720 if the 1080 doesn't exist, then the 480 if the 720 doesn't exist. If 1080 isn't checked then it will try for 720 then 480, and just 480 if HD isn't checked. The downloader will download each trialer to it's own folder along with the poster image and the xml for the movie. The movie data is also stored in the database for faster searching and sorting.


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